The Band of Gypsies Gather to Create

Family built is built to last. We learned many things during the beginning of this journey. Patience, plywood grading,  measure twice cut once. Mostly we learned we would need a little help. Fortunately we have a wonderfully supportive family that  encourages our creativity no matter what. Beyond supportive, they each have their own skills to […]


Tiny Space, Gypsy Style

Fitting everything you could need for a family of three in 56 square feet of living space requires some creativity and a sense of humor. Bed, bathroom and kitchen. Just the basics. But no reason to confuse basic with boring. Maybe I don’t really need an armchair but if it has a purpose then, just […]


The Window to my Gypsy Soul

I could see it in my mind so I knew it could be. Traveling across the miles in our  psychedelic wagon. Taking our daughter with us with the comforts of home on wheels. After a few thousand sketches and a lot of research it all started with a window. I wasn’t sure how to make […]


Gypsy Dreaming

  Growing up in a seaside forest I learned many things about self reliance, respect for nature and most importantly, the power of imagination. I spent hours finding treasures and building camps in these woods. It was a magical place that never left me even after I grew up and moved far away. My gypsy […]

On Instagram

Mongo Arts Model Contest on Instagram

Hello good people! Were having a contest on our Instagram page here Were looking for some creative, sexy or just plain beauitful customer pics of you guys and gals wearing a Mongo Arts design tee, just use hashtag #mongoartsfam . We are getting bored quickly using mannequins here in the shop to display and photograph products. Change is GOOD! Don’t […]